About us

Main activity of Lismark Holding Limited is buying and reselling of computer and telecom equipment and software to the companies from Europe, CIS and Russia region.

Company was established in 2007 to enter to the fast growing market of Europe, Russian Federation and CIS countries. Business strategy of Lismark Holding Limited is the highlight for the advanced technologies and to the reliable solutions from the well-known vendors of computer equipment and software.

Lismark Holding Limited buys wide range computer equipment, components from business partners most important of which are compunet incorporation limited,azor business, ltd and allcross technics inc and then ships these goods to companies operating on behalf of the companies importing goods to customs area of Europe, Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Our company focuses not only on voluminous, but also on project distribution, final buyers of which are suppliers of the corporate market, i.e. system integrators. For the company this is a high-margin segment, involving not the sale of individual products, but also complex solutions.


Company in its operation rely on an integral management system. The strategic purpose is to meet requirements and expectations of customers and business partners, while: ensuring timeliness and orders execution,shortening order execution time,increasing sale of our products,eliminating deficiencies and complaints,continuously improving functioning of the entire organization, thereby achieving customer satisfaction.

Our numbers



lines of products by worldwide vendors



buyers in the market Europe, CIS, Russian Federation



million $ revenue for 2017

A team of


professional staff working on quality


Our company features an event-rich history which made ourselves a large, prosperous computer and telecom equipment distributor.

Started as a rather small company back in 2007, the rise in numbers of customers and orders created a sustained trust and, eventually, growth of the Lismark Holding Limited. Through trade establishments with leading companies, such as IBM, Intel, Huawei, Acer and more, our company gained a larger variety of electronic components available for sale. Years of reselling widened our popularity throughout Europe, Russian Federation and CIS regions. Today, the ever-developing Lismark offers the widest range of innovative products to fulfill the need of every customer. The story is not over yet: we're hiring more professional crew, widening selling range, increasing the work performance.