Largest Tech Conference Ever, Web Summit 2017

The largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit 2017, was held in Portugal.

Lismark company was one of the participants of this grand event with over 60,000 attendees from different parts of the globe, it brings together more experts and enthusiasts than we’ve seen in one place to date.

The Web Summit has become Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace, a crossroads for the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology, alongside many of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies.

The opening ceremony was included a series of short talks from various speakers. Later in the evening, Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa and Lisbon City Mayor Fernando Medina was officially open the tech summit.

The event was also have Hanson Robotics and SingularityNet’s Chief Humanoid, Sophia, the first humanoid robot ever granted citizenship, as one of the speakers.