Lismark: Margin and net result on expected level

The 1st quarter of 2017 has expired for Lismark under the motto of continuation of restructuring actions, increasing the number of suppliers and expanding the offer. These actions, alongside constant cost optimization, have contributed to Lismark gross profit on 12 020 thousand PLN and net result at 13 501 thousand PLN. It means that the company has achieved financial results in line with the forecasts presented in the Restructuring Plan.

Lismark  in the analyzed period achived sales revenue in amount of 434 229 thousands PLN and gross profit on sales of 24 663 thousand PLN and net profit at the level of -17 601 thousand PLN.

First effects of restructuring
In the Restructuring Plan of Lismark published in early November last year, was presented two financial forecasts for years 2017-2021. First in the conservative variant, the second in the pessimistic. Both are presented on a yearly basis, but when we take into account the seasonality, it can be calculated that margins and net profit are within the range of proposed forecasts in the first quarter.

«I realize how big are the market expectations from us to achieve the tangible results of the restructuring process. Therefore I hope that the data for the first quarter of 2017 will be the best proof that the changes we make in our strategy are beginning to deliver a positive and measurable effect” – says Lismark Restricted Business Development

In the first quarter of 2017 LIsmark the number of suppliers increased by 11%, the number of products indexes increased even by 72 %.

“According to the basic assumptions included in our Restructuring Plan, we resign from unprofitable and high risk contracts. In their place, we add to the offer products that are free of these threats and guarantee a satisfactory margin. It is worth noting that this strategy brings good results. In the first quarter of 2017 we retained a permanent number of customers even though that it was after the best time for the market – end of the year”.